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Basic track wiring with Aurora steering wheel type controllers with reverse and brake switches.
Jumper wiring diagram for Aurora T-Jet track.
HO wiring with 1 powerpack per lane.
Basic HO slot car wiring with push button style Aurora speed controllers.
Here's a better approach that uses 1 power pack per lane, which eliminates power drain from one lane upon another.  Use with jumper wiring shown below to minimize power drops as your car moves away from the main terminal track.
Jumper wiring diagram to minimize power losses around your track.  Just remember to connect terminal screws 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc. and you'll have it right.
T-Jet wiring diagrams reprinted from an Aurora thunderjet service manual.
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Aurora Vibrator steering wheel controller wiring diagram
If you want to use the old Aurora Vibrator steering wheel controllers, this wiring diagram from an old Vibrator service manual should help.
T-Jet wiring diagrams