1.  G-plus silver plated pickup shoes. Unused pickup shoes for Aurora G-plus cars from the 70's-80's.  Display cards show some bends and/or water stains.   Price $5.00 per display card, $3.50 per blister card #8908, or $2.50 per pair unpackaged #8887.

2.  G-plus pickup shoe springs #8888.  Unused, no package.  Price $3.00 per pair.

3.  G-plus steel guide pin, new on rough display card.  Unused steel guide pin for Aurora G-plus cars from the 70's-80's.  Display cards show some bends and/or water stains.  Price $5.00 per display card, $3.00 per blister card #8915, or $2.00 each unpackaged #8897.

4)  G-plus silicone rear tires.  These replacement tires make a nice tight fit on the g-plus wheels and give a low profile for good handling, and they won't dry out like sponge tires.
Price $3.75 per pair.

5)  G-plus original white rear wheels with bonded sponge tires #8893.   These are unused unpackaged old stock and the tires are still fairly fresh!  Price $6.00 per pair.  Not currently available.

6)  G-plus original front tires #8895.  These are unused unpackaged old stock tires, still fresh, and available in very limited quantities.  Price $5.00 per pair.  Not currently available.

7)  G-plus white front wheels/tires sets #8914.  Contains one pair of wheels and one pair of tires.  Mint in blister card.
Price $8.00 per card.

8)  G-plus axle set #8901.  Contains two front axles and one rear axle, mint on blister card.  Price $4.00 per card.

9)  G-plus commutator brushes.  These are unused old stock motor brushes.  Price is $4.00 per pair blister carded #8906, or $2.50 per pair unpackaged #8885.  They can also be used with many other inline motored cars, such as Tycopro, Riggen, Tyco Curvehuggers, etc.

10)  G-plus commutator brush springs.  These are unused old stock motor brush springs.  Price is $5.00 per blister card of 2 pairs #8907, or $2.50 per pair unpackaged #8886.

11.  G-plus armatures.  Unused, unpackaged #8881.  Not currently available.

12)  G-plus magnets.  Unused, #8903, blister carded.  Price $5.00 per card.   4 cards available.

13)  G-plus bare chassis.  Blister carded.  Only a few cards available.  Price $8.00 per card.  5 cards available.

14)  G-plus bushings, flux collectors, and clamp set.  Blister card contains one pair armature bushings, one pair flux collectors, and one motor clamp.  Only one card available.  Price $7.00
HO slot car parts for sale, including g-plus, magna-traction, and Aurora speed steer parts.
Aurora G-pus pickup shoes, new on card
Aurora G-plus steel guide pin, new on card.
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AFX guide blade type shoe
AJ's front weight kit.
AFX G-Plus Parts
These fit the AFX g-plus cars made from 1975-81 with the first Aurora inline style armature.
Pickup Shoes
Aurora G-pus pickup shoe springs
Display Cards
Steel Guide Pin
Pickup Shoe Springs
G-pus silicone rear tires
Silicone rear tires
Aurora G-plus rear wheels with sponge tires
Rear Wheels+ Sponge Tires
Aurora G-plus original front tires
G-plus Front Tires
Aurora G-plus front wheels and tires set
Front wheels+ Tires
Aurora G-plus front and rear axle set, carded
Front/rear Axle set
Aurora G-plus commutator brushes, carded
Commutator Brushes
Aurora G-plus commutator brush springs, carded
Commutator Brush Springs
Aurora G-plus armature
G-plus armature
Aurora G-plus motor magnets, carded
G-plus magnets
Aurora G-plus bare chassis, carded
G-plus bare chassis
Aurora G-plus amature bushings, flux collectors, and clamp set, carded
G-plus amature bushings/flux collectors/clamp set
These fit the AFX magna-traction cars made from 1975-83 with the flat pancake style armatures and motor magnets showing from the bottom of the chassis.
AFX Magna-Traction Parts
1.  Magna traction pickup shoes #8775.  We have the style available with the smaller rail contact area.  Unused, unpackaged, shiny silver colored.  Price $3.00 per pair.

2.   Magna-traction pickup shoe springs, unused.
Price $4.00 per blister card of 2 pairs #8602, or $1.50 per pair unpackaged #8705.

3)  Magnatraction steel guide pins, unused.  Price $3.00 each blister carded #8601, or $2.00 each unpackaged.

4)  Tire sets, carded.  Contains 1 pair each of front wide style tires and rear rubber tires, blister carded.   Sold out.

5)  Sponge rear tires sets #8720.  Unpackaged, old stock. These are still fairly fresh!  Price $4.00 per pair.

6)  Front tires #8717.  These are the hard to find original old stock narrow type tires with the raised 'Goodyear' logo.  Still quite fresh!  Sold out, but see item #3 under standard AFX parts.

7)  Standard wheel set #8613.  These contain one pair of white rear wheels and one pair of grey front wheels, blister carded.  Price $7.00.

8)  Standard axle set #8612.  Blister card contains one front and one rear axle for magna traction or magna sonic cars.  Price $3.50 per card.

9)  Standard gear set #8611.  Blister card contains one each of top center plastic idler gear, brass armature pinion gear, and plastic axle crown gear.  Price $4.50 per card.

10)  Magna traction armature, unused.  These are the stock armatures with the gold wire and red laminations.  Available blister carded (only 4 available) for $8.00 each, or unpackaged #8777 for $5.00 each.

11) Magnatraction commutator brush springs #8773, unused, unpackaged.  These fit under the motor brushes to give proper spring tension.   Price $2.50 per pair.

12)  Magna traction commutator brushes #8774, unused, unpackaged.  These fit under the armature and over the brush springs to transmit power to the armature.   Price $2.50 per pair.

13)  Magna traction 12V light bulb for lighted 'flamethrower' type cars.  Bulb is clear to emit regular colored light.  Unused, unpackaged.  Not currently available.  Currently have aftermarket 12V light bulbs which fit the Porsche 917, Ferrari 512M, Dodge Charger Daytona, Firebird, Monza GT, and BMW 320I, for $2.00 each.
Aurora Magnatraction pickup shoes
Magna traction pickup shoes
Aurora Magnatraction pickup shoe springs, carded
Magna traction pickup shoe springs
Aurora Magna traction steel guide pin, carded
Magna traction steel guide pin
Aurora Magna traction tire set, carded
Magna traction 4-tire set
Aurora Magna traction sponge rear tires
Magna traction sponge rear tires
Aurora Magna traction thin front Goodyear type tires
Magna traction thin front 'Goodyear' logo tires
Aurora Magna traction 4 tire set with 'Goodyear' thin front tires
Standard AFX 4-tire set with 'Goodyear' logo front tires
Standard AFX (non Magna-Traction) Parts
These parts are for standard AFX non-magna traction cars that didn't have the magnets showing from the bottom of the car.  They were made from 1971-74
1)  Standard AFX pickup shoes.  Unused old stock, to keep your non-magna traction AFX cars running well.  Price $2.50 per pair.

2) Standard AFX pickup shoe springs.  Unused old stock.  Same as magna traction pickup shoe springs.  Price $1.50 per pair.

3)  Standard AFX non-magna-traction sponge rear tire and thin 'Goodyear' logo front tire set.  Blister carded.  Not currently available.

4)  AFX front and rear wheel set, carded.  These have the greyish rear wheels and the silvery colored front wheels.  One pair of each in the card.  Sold out.

5)  AFX track repair clips #8620.  These are very useful to repair AFX track produced from 1972-'83 that have broken end tabs.  Eight clips per blister card.  Price $5.00 per card.

6)  AFX replacement guide blade.  This is an aftermarket guide flag replacement for AFX cars including standard AFX, magnatraction, etc.  Price $1.00 each.

7)   AFX quickee lock tool.  These are useful for disconnecting 70's-early 80's style AFX snap-together track, and you will have fewer broken track ends using this handy item.  There is also a built in screwdriver and 0-80 hex nut wrench for tightening threaded wheels built in to this unit.  Used, good condition.
Price $2.50

8)  Auto World magnetic attraction pan for AFX.  These are useful for making a standard non-magnatraction AFX chassis into a magna-car.  It consists of a thin brass pan which attaches to the AFX chassis with a bit of glue.  There are pot-holder type magnets attached to the front and rear ends of the brass pan to give magnetic attraction to the rails, and instantly improved handling characteristics...often better than that of an AFX magnatraction chassis.  Magnets have detached on some of the pans, but are easy to reglue into place. Price $15.00 for a single pan, or $75.00 for a complete card of 6 pans.

9)  Aj's standard AFX front weight kit #TK004.  This brass front weight kit has a plastic piece that screws onto the brass plate which holds the optional brass tube body mounts, which are used for mounting clear plastic bodies.  Will also fit many AFX stock bodied cars that have adequate front body clearance, such as the Porsche 917, etc.  It's an improvement over the AFX super 2 heavy front end weight kit.  Mint on card.  Price $10.00
Aurora AFX track repair clips, carded
AFX track-repair clips
Aurora Magna traction standard wheel set
M/T standard wheel set
Aurora Magna traction standard axle set
M/T standard axle set
Aurora Magna traction standard gear set
M/T standard gear set
Aurora Magna traction armature, carded
Magna Traction armature
AFX replacement guide blade
Specialty AFX Chassis Parts
These parts are for the longer wheelbase 'specialty AFX' chassis, which has the 4 gears across the gearplate.  The parts we have will work on the standard non-magnatraction type as well as the magna traction specialty chassis.
1)   Specialty Gear Set #8615.  Blister card contains one each of the small brass armature pinion gear, the large front idler gear, and the smaller rear idler gear.   Only 1 card available.  Price $8.00 per card.

2)  Specialty Axle Set.  Blister card contains one each of front and rear narrow axles.  Only 3 cards available.  Price $5.00 per card.
Aurora AFX specialty chassis gear set, carded
AFX Specialty Gear Set
AFX Specialty Axle Set
Aurora Magna traction motor brush springs
M/T brush springs
Aurora Magna traction motor brushes
M/T motor brushes
Aurora Magna traction 12 volt light bulb
M/T 12V light bulb
Aurora AFX standard wheel set, carded
Standard AFX wheel set
Aurora AFX specialty axle set, carded
Speed Steer AFX Slotless Car Parts
These parts are for the slotless Speed Steer chassis produced from 1979-82.  All are new old stock parts, unpackaged, and in limited supply.
1)  Speed Steer Pickup Shoes #6200-010+017, brass, unused.
Price $4.50 per pair.

2) Speed Steer Pickup Shoe Springs #6200-015, unused.
Price $2.50 per pair.

3) Speed Steer Rear Tires #5-050, rubber, still fairly fresh, unused.  Price $4.00 per pair.   Only 4 pairs available.

4) Speed Steer Front Tires #5751-052, rubber, still fairly fresh, unused.  Price $3.50 per pair.  Only 3 pairs available.

5)  Speed Steer front spindle hub, and steering assembly #6200-057.  Front and side view shown.  Price $3.50 each.

6) Speed Steer commutator brush #1735-029, unused.  Same as g-plus commutator brushes.  Price $2.50 per pair.

7) Speed Steer commutator brush springs #2671-027, unused.   Same as g-plus commutator brush springs.  Price $2.50 per pair.

8) Speed Steer armature assembly #6200-016.  Includes arm, plastic bearings, and gear on each end.  Price $6.00 per assembly.
AFX quickie lock tool
AFX track-repair clips
Auto World magnetic attraction pan for the standard AFX chassis
AW Magnet Pan for AFX
Aurora Speed Steer pickup shoes
Speed Steer Pickup Shoes
Speed Steer Pickup Shoe Springs
Aurora Speed Steer pickup shoe springs
Aurora Speed Steer rear tires
Aurora Speed Steer front tires
Speed Steer Rear Tires
Speed Steer Front Tires
Aurora Speed Steer front hub and steering assembly
Aurora Speed Steer armature assembly
Front Spindle Hub and Steering Assembly
Speed Steer Armature Assembly
Aurora AFX standard pickup shoes
Standard AFX Pickup Shoes
AJ's Standard AFX Front Weight Kit